I called and eventually they arrived.

In dribs and drabs – a drib of Icelandic horses and then a drab of Shetland ponies.

And obviously I had a pocketful of treats.  That goes without saying and is possibly The Law.

There was a slight argument (Tiddles and Waffle).

But the treats dished out and then smiles all round.

It was windy today.

The little and big peoples. Funny to think that Sóley is considered big now – Newt definitely is not.

Everyone looking very well (read fat) but our Shetland winter is drawing in fast so that fat will keep them going when the weather gets bad and I won’t worry about them.  Summer fat is essential for winter survival.

So this lot are all fine together and they will probably spend the winter with each other too. I had been planning on sending Lilja and Sóley back to their mother, Hetja, now Sóley is weaned but that is probably not going to happen.

My plans are always changing.


3 thoughts on “Noseys

  1. Sam

    What a delight to see all those noseys wandering up for a look-see and treat.
    I noticed the Elder Ladies hung back from the mob of boys – smart move.
    Thanks for sharing your herds.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love that video at the beginning….so fun to watch the running and walking to see you. What a beautiful group of horses…..big and small!


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