Our Normal

The other day Lambie was dithering about coming into my shed. We were playing flute trios with a friend. Lambie wasn’t sure as he didn’t know one of the flautists very well so we left the door open (it was cold, thank you Lambie) and he couldn’t make his mind up while we simultaneously played and froze to death.  And if I shut the door, he would butt it.

Today, when I got home from checking the Minions, I heard the sound of a hoover in the house, so I beat a swift retreat to my shed and decided to practice my flute.  Lambie promptly came in to listen.

BeAnne went to sleep.

And then the hooverer, Daisy, who had now finished, came to join us too.

We played flute duets together, like you do with a sheep standing beside you. This is our normal now.

And then Monster appeared and it swiftly became a family affair

Monster – “Please stop playing, please never make this noise again. Pleeeeeeeze!”

Lambie was very happy in my shed. He wouldn’t let anyone else come in or out.

We went on fluting and he sat down.

I won’t say Lambie is fat but he is a bit fat.

And then it got odd.  ‘Ster wanted in so we all left and I gave Monster and BeAnne their tea.

Because that’s how we roll in our Shire!

7 thoughts on “Our Normal

  1. Dona

    This is such a wonderful blog. I love reading it & picturing all the animals and the family, the landscape & weather. I miss it so much!

  2. Gail Lawson

    Thank you so much for your daily picture of life with your extraordinary family . . . From electrical mysteries, attacks thru open gates, wee flocks, and walks with the old men. Absolutely love it. Thank you, makes my day! Gail Lawson

  3. diane in northern wis

    Love this story and pictures……just awesome! You put a smile on my face tonight! Thank you!
    I can hear your beautiful music from here!

  4. Sam

    What trios and duets did you play? Way back in the day, i played flute and piccolo. Never to a rotund Lambie, just cats. One would think you were taming the savage beasts with your music. Even Ster.


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