Wall of Primroses

This is primrose season.  Primroses everywhere.  They line both sides of the burn (stream) and no one seems to eat them, which makes a change.

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Even Lambie is not interested and he eats the post, if he can get it.


‘Ster went off this morning to find Bert who lives in the scattald with his chums.  ‘Ster is obsessed with either beating Bert up or asking to join his gang.  Last time he did this, ‘Ster came back but, who knows.  He has always wanted to be a real sheep.  I hope he returns.

This time Lambie does not care.  He has BeAnne and me and that’s is all he wants.  In a way, he always resented sharing me with anyone.  So that is my little entourage.  They follow me everywhere.

I wonder if anyone would notice if I took Lambie shopping in Lerwick!

BN2A2209    BN2A2224

Nothing going on in the Maternity Ward.  I check the bewbery every day but there is not much of an udder.  Having said that, a year ago there was suddenly one extra (Hjalti) who seemed to just magically appear giving no warning of this arrival.


Taktur is looking as handsome as ever.  He is a big powerful boy who occasionally stares at girls in the other field across the hill.


Kappi looks like he is due any day now.


I keep remembering this time last year when Lambie was a little Lambie.  He is a huge Lambie now.  There were definitely times when I wondered if he would make it.


(but still, and always, Mummy’s little boysenberry!)

BN2A2305 BN2A2315

You can see it was a beautiful blue-sky day.  I love being outside with my animal family.


3 thoughts on “Wall of Primroses

  1. Linda K

    I hope Ster returns too. The call of the wild perhaps. Lambie must be quite hot under his heavy coat. I wonder how many jumpers and socks it could stretch to.

  2. Sam

    Love your primroses! Mine are red with a yellow center. Sorry to hear ‘Ster is off with the wild boys.
    When will Lambie get a haircut? I’m guessing you can get 1 jumper and 6 pairs of socks from his coat.


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