I went a-visiting today – (though, everyone is checked every day).

First on my list was the newly weaned Hjalti, with his bezzies, Storm and Tiddles.


Tiddles came trotting up to me and I secretly gave him some of my well-hidden carrot.


Lyra was happy and I put a secret carrot behind my back for her.


Tiddles is very busy making friends.


He has changed into a very sociable little boy, though I quickly checked his “nose-kissey button” and am happy to report that it is still in good working order.


Storm has taken on the role of Hjalti’s body guard.


They are going everywhere together with matching foot-falls.


Storm is takes this job very seriously (that is his serious face).


Hjalti is still a lovely boy, bless him.


It was interesting to see that, out of all the ponies in the field (and there are a few), Lyra was talking to Hjalti.  Interesting. The other ponies are not Thordale’s.

Anyway, Hjalti is fine.  I did some tickling and told him what a good boy he is and how proud I am.


Then off to see the “Fat Fighters” in the hill park.

BN2A2096 BN2A2106

Everyone was on good form and I thought Klængur looked particularly beautiful today.


Is it, is it my imagination or has a tiny ounce or two been lost?


Lastly, but not leastly, I went to see Vitamin, who is sharing a bare hill park with a fat gelding. They are firm friends.


Still fat.  No, my bad, Vitamin seems to have turned into a hippopotamus while I was not watching.


I fed her far too much last winter (but, to be fair, she is a bargey greedy pig) so being on this hill park with next-to-nothing food will have saved her from laminitis.


Vitamin was in a vile mood.  She was shouting something about starving around here!


2 thoughts on “A-Visiting

  1. Carol Wood

    Seeing the pics of Vitamin, I can see where Apollo gets his shape!!!!!!

    They all look lovely 🙂

  2. Sam

    Poor Vitamin – all that organic grass to find to eat. What’s a rotund girl to do?
    Love the fact Tiddles has friends and still wants nosy kissed from Mum.


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