BeAnne’s Methods

Back to veggie packing on a Thursday afternoon at Turriefield –


I always ask BeAnne if she wants to come too as Turriefield is one of favourite travel destinations.

She is mostly a good girl.  She has one of her dog beds there – it stays permanently in their packing shed, so she has somewhere to settle and sleep.


Today, on our well-earned tea break, the biscuit tin was opened and BeAnne heard it immediately.


So BeAnne did what she does best – she worked the room!

L1210388 L1210389

When BeAnne found that folk in Turriefield don’t feed beautiful sweet little doggies, she took herself off for a sulk.


But BeAnne is not one to hold a long grudge and she soon found some old sacks to sit on.  She is always happiest when she is involved.


Having done the vegetable box distribution, I was put to work dibbing and planting beans.


On my home, I checked the horses.  They were miles away on the horizon, totally ignoring me.


Oh yes, ‘Ster returned last night looking rather embarrassed.  Lambie was nonchalant!

6 thoughts on “BeAnne’s Methods

  1. Terri

    BeAnne would have gotten my entire stash of biscuits — she’s so endearing!
    Odd about ‘Ster hearing the call of the wild but returning home again — yes, I think he missed his Mum (and possibly Lambie).

  2. Linda

    I can’t believe that sweet little face didn’t earn BeAnn at least a crumb! How could anyone resist?

  3. Sam

    Whaaa?? A great standing sit and NO bisquit??? The horrors of BeAnne’s life.
    Gald to hear ‘Ster trotted home – did he have any tales to tell?


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