Walking the Her Maj

BeAnne is doing ok.  It is still little steps – every day we see a difference but her appetite is increasing and slowly she is returning to her old self.  I am still syringing her medication down her along with the hepatic diet but she now turns up and asks (I love this little dog more than words, greasy whiskers and all). She is also playing with us more which is lovely to see.

BeAnne sleeps a lot but I am a great believer in sleep.  Sleep is when your body heals.

Weather permitting, we go out for a daily walk in the afternoon.  And we have friends. They insist on coming too.  Madge and Edna are good about staying at home.  We all walk happily along in a procession, just a rather odd one.

When BeAnne stops for a sniff, they all stop for her and wait patiently.  The Boyzens are kind like that.

And then off they all go again.

These days, we rarely meet anyone and, if we do, we all move to the side of the road and wait for them to pass.

Once I met a Council road worker in his van and he just nodded sagely and said one word – “caddies?”.  And that was it. That was us summed up.

So, we are doing our best and hopefully my little dearest darling doglet is on the mend.


12 thoughts on “Walking the Her Maj

  1. Sam

    Glad to hear Her Mag is trying to get back to normal. Tiny steps are needed but if she asks for her meds that means she understands they help. Had a nice chuckle over “caddlies?” and then driving on.

  2. Cathy

    Oh yes! Greasy whiskers ….. I can relate to that. Love the way the Boyzens have stopped to watch her sniff, all part of the family. I’m so relieved she’s making progress, and glad to read your update.

  3. Kerry

    YeeHah! Well done you for your usual brilliant photos and fun commentary- and great great news re the greasy whiskered Her Maj. I reckon she should do an address to the nation, it will help cheer us all up immensely
    I always knew sheep like this as cuddie lambs: love the idea of caddies and can see them trotting along with bags of golf clubs
    Best wishes to all of you way out west x

  4. Linda Kirk

    So pleased to hear BeAnne is improving, it’s such good news. I’d love a little troup like that to go walking with.

  5. Margaret Robinson

    Was just telling a friend about BeAnne and Lambie and have told everyone about the menagerie you seem to have besides the horses/ponies. Now I can send pictures too. BeAnne seems to be doing much better (and thank you Mum for all the good stuff you put inside me). Weather is improving by bits and pieces everywhere this time of year – rain one minute, sunshine the next. It’s cold here, but sun keeps trying to stay out!

    Be well and love to all – MMR

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you. Not out of the woods yet but every day is a bonus. Just need those wretched liver enzymes to go down enough for her not to be an anaesthetic risk and then they can tackle her teeth, which is the cause of all the bother (imho – vet thinks it is something more ominous).


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