Beautiful Young Ladies and Silly Little Boys

The chaps at Leradale all seem to have settled down now.  We have a happy herd.

And here is Lilja sporting her winter look (plus a filter).  They say mud is good for the complexion.

She really is growing into a beautiful mare.

Very pretty and with lots of “look at me” going on.

So we are all duly looking at her!  It’s her world.

Meanwhile not-so-little Sóley-the-Foalie is strong, fit and well.  She has just about forgotten about missing her Mum, Hetja, and Lilja is a good companion.  Today, we found them flat out asleep together in a pile on the side of the hill out of the wind.  It is good Sóley has her big sister to be there for her. She made an excellent windbreak!

The Minions are a fairly good influence – (said in a steady slightly disbelieving tone).

Their plotting and evilness remains a constant delight in these difficult times.  While they have a leg in each corner, all is good.

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Young Ladies and Silly Little Boys

  1. Linda Loba

    The photos of Lilja look like poses for Vogue Horse magazine – and yes I’ve heard mud is very good for the complexion. 😉

    Love the photos of all the little guys together…

  2. Linda Kirk

    Lovely photos of Lilja. She has quite a presence.

    Waffles, Tiddles and Storm are up to no good. They look decidedly shifty!

  3. Sharon

    Thank you so much for your daily posts. In these crazy times, it is so nice to see your beautiful photos and gorgeous animals .


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