My Favourite Place

The “weather” (of which I am obsessed – a girl has to have a hobby) had died down, so I spent some time in my favourite place – Leradale.

(Note: only Storm would walk towards me with his tongue stuck out!)

Floss and I climbed the hill to check on everyone and give out the medicinal TurmerAid to Fivla.

For an old lady, she (and Vitamin) are looking fabularse dahlings!

It was lovely to be up in the hills with my silly little ponies.

Ever the comedian!

Tiddles had an “I am Magnificent” minute.  It was brief.

And I told him he was.  Very.

Dearest Waffle.  As wide as he is tall – the photo just doesn’t do his wideness justice.

Floss and I sat on some rocks and watched our world.

Floss got the Magnificent One to talk to.

Lilja and Sóley came up to me.  Lilja was apologising for being arsey to Albie while I stood next to her.  She had had a telling off  by me that her behaviour was completely unacceptable.  “Pas Devant Muzzah” I had shouted so she is sucking up to me while pretending all is cool with her little sister (like you do – we’ve all been there!)

You can see just how small Newt really is stood up next to Silver who is about 38″.  Very My-Newt.

We had forgotten Fivla’s usual (dog) bowl for her TurmerAid and had used instead this plastic container which of course they all had to play (read destroy) with.

Storm was particularly taken with the container and, clever boy, even managed to hand it to Flossie as we were leaving.  Now that takes skill.

That could be his one talent!  *** sniff ***  I am so proud.

The others are talented too (more sniffing).

While the world is currently orbiting Planet Swivel-Eyes, it is always good to have some perspective, right?

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Place

  1. Sam

    Nice to see you are not like the rest of us being Covid-19 junkies. Love the derp on Storm. Tiddles was looking Magnificent while Newt is Huge in his tiny self. And the Old Ladies are lovely too. As for the Younger Girls…well sisters can be pushy and loving at the same time.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love your pics and always your funny and clever comments. Your littles and biglets are all looking fabulous! Hope your weather continues to improve and Spring really springs too. We are thawing here and there is fog coming across the lake tonight….quite lovely. Stay well!


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