To Hospital

This morning, I woke up with a tick biting on my belly.  So, stupidly, without thinking, almost a reflex, I ripped it off and the head was still left in.

Mum, with some sterile tweezers and needle, tried to get it out but we failed and it was fairly obvious that the head was still left behind.

I phoned 111 and spoke to someone, repeating myself at least twice, and I was told to go to Frimley Park Hospital immediately.

So off Mum and I trotted.

When we got there, it was quickly apparent that children over the age of 18 could not bring their parent in with them so Mum went back and waited in the car.  I felt bad for her.

Meanwhile, I sat for nearly 4 hours listening to “hospital radio” (in between the greatest hits of 1990, I had a lecture on IBS and not taking unnecessary antibiotics).  I was eventually seen by a doctor who did more prodding and poking.  When I squawked (cried), she then used local anaesthetic and we hope she got the whole thing out.  The doctor was optimistic although I am not so convinced.  I will keep an extra careful eye on things.  I have a dressing on the area, plus a spare.

Encouragingly, the doctor said that Berkshire was low in incidences of Lyme Disease.   I am now praying that I haven’t caught it.  That is all I need.

I am feeling a bit shook up after all of this.

Anywho, here are a few films of the Mr Fox (and I think we can all agree he is a Mr).  We think he is one of last year’s cubs.  He still has a baby face and is a bit scrawny.

13 thoughts on “To Hospital

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    Oh Frances, what a way to spend the first part of your week with your mum and poor her too.

    I would keep a very careful eye on that tick bite area and get to your own doctor as soon as you get home. You probably don’t need any cautionary tales but…….

    Beautiful fox! Hoping you enjoy the rest of your stay

  2. Ruth Watson

    If it’s any reassurance I live in Berks and have never known anyone get Lymes Disease from a tick bite, and you’ve done everything right. Try not to panic x

  3. Annie vanderven

    Living in ct Lymes is very prevalent I have had it 4 times actually once you have it stays dormant till it flares up. I am immediately put on doxycycline for 14 days not given tests anymore this meds is the only thing that helps me. at the beginning I was very ill as they did not understand it at the time 20 years ago… I live in the country where deer are numerous hence ticks are everywhere. I caught it from a tick while gardening… I was told I could not have a cat or dog anymore as they catch ticks outside bringing them in even with all the protection they get from anti ticks, as the ticks will drop off in the house. I have solved the dog problem I have a small dog who has never been outside she uses peepee pads and is very well adjusted to it all… to remove ticks drench the tick with rubbing alcohol it usually will make it lose its grip. they say if you have Lymes you should develop a rash like a bulls eye, I never did so it is unusual if you don’t hence the doctors can be hesitant to give doxycycline which also has side effects but believe me better them than the disease which is very debilitating.Dont panic it is treatable . You may have had a wood tick , the Lymes tick looks like a pinpoint very minuscule, just avoid dense brushes, and always check yourself after having been outside in high grass, etc. Hope this help, wishing you all the best

  4. Judith Garbutt

    Not a good way to spend your holiday! Fingers crossed that there are no long term problems as a result.

  5. Barbara of Indiana

    I live in a wooded area in So. Indiana. We tick check every day, especially after a walk in the woods. It is my understanding that it takes time (about 24 hours) for the tick to infect us. I can usually feel the bite, pull it off with tweezers (dispose of it into the ‘tick dish’ of vinegar) and wash the bite area with alcohol. At my once a year med. exam I always have a test for tick diseases.

    P.S: I keep guinea hens and peacocks – they eat ticks. They do good work at my place.

  6. Linda

    I hope you will take courage from the woman in Berkshire’s comment about the lack of Lyme Disease in that area.

  7. diane in northern wis

    Oh no, Frances. I hate ticks! Praying that they got it all out and that you’ll be fine. The kind of ticks that cause Lyme Disease are usually pretty small, so hopefully your tick wasn’t one of those.
    Did you mom sit and wait in the car for four hours? What an awful day. Praying you’ll be just fine and can enjoy the rest of your visit! Thank you for the great foxy video!

  8. Louise Stopford

    Oh no what a horrible experience for you (and your mum). I am sure the doctor knew what they were doing and you will be absolutely fine. Enjoy the rest of your stay, without hopefully panicking too much.

  9. Shelley

    It’s true Frances – ticks that carry Lyme disease are very small and most people don’t even know they’ve been bitten. If yours was big enough to pull out I’d say you’re safe. Pretty awful to experience though… ticks are little horrors.

  10. May

    Also live in the state of CT in the U.S. (Lyme Disease was named for one of our towns; oh, joy.). While you’re much less likely to get it, if you get another tick, try to get it into a jar and bring it with you. (Easier said then done, as the disease it usefully found in tiny deer ticks, not big dog ticks.) They can test the tick, if it’ll make you feel better, or just go on preventative antibiotics.

    My sympathies; those things are icky.


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