Vet, Injections, Moving Horses, Riding

I am exhausted. We’ve done everything today – firstly this morning to the vet with BeAnne and Efstur.

BeAnne had blood taken for her liver enzyme levels (we await the results).  Efstur had an equine-influenza booster injection.  Kappi came along as equine companion or short straw, as it is known, and everyone behaved surprisingly very well.

BeAnne trotted off happily on her lead with the vet to be examined, weighed and have blood drawn.  She didn’t even look back for us *** sniff *** (little hussy!) Apparently she has maintained her weight, which is encouraging.

We came home, put Efstur and Kappi back into their field, loaded and drove Hetja and Brá to a new summer field, checked the Minions, had lunch, went for a ride on Klængur, met a silent cyclist (grrr….) and now I am sitting in the field, watching BeAnne go for a little paddle.

Today was for doing a lot of things.  Tomorrow hopefully less so. Still, nice day for it.

5 thoughts on “Vet, Injections, Moving Horses, Riding

    1. Frances Post author

      She is doing well. Lives off antibiotics, heart pills and liver function pills 24/7 but this we can do. Food syringed twice a day too.

  1. Sam

    Well done, BeAnne! Being nice to the vet and getting a paddle. Mum deserves a good cuddle from you when OH makes the Gin up.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    That was a lot of things acomplished in one day! I hope you can have a rest tomorrow and enjoy the weather (if it’s still sunny for you – looks as if your temperature is a lot lower than ours, which would suit me nicely!).


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