Very Wet

The girls and I go out first thing this morning to do our chores, which we divide fairly:-

  • put sheep flock in their field and give them brekkie (TurmerAid and a smidge of food)
  • feed Lambie separately as he is speshul
  • feed the old Icelandic horse men the last of a hoof supplement plus their TurmerAid, and check fill their water
  • feed the ducks and hens, including one nesting duck who has her own private pile and clean water
  • sweep out the puddles into the drains to keep the sand in the indoor school from getting saturated
  • refill and/or clean water buckets in holding paddock
  • look for small Patterdale terrier who has taken the opportunity to bugger off looking for rabbitses
  • remove cat from every shed
  • check every shed for cat and/or dog, neither of whom can be seen
  • return sheep flock to their field after they have discovered the hole in the fence and come back to mooch around the front door, all swearing to a sheep that they haven’t had breakfast and oooh, is that a ginger biscuit?

After the chores, I went with my camera to try and capture just how beautiful everything was, while the girls went in for their breakfast.  The rain/mist/haar/drizzle had left water droplets on the wild flowers and grass and, as the light changed, it glittered like expensive jewellery, which I totally failed to capture with my camera.  Still, I tried.

And this was in our garden.

At least the midges didn’t arrive, so that was a plus.

6 thoughts on “Very Wet

  1. Sam

    Such a busy morning you have had. Very sneaky the wee dog and monster to wander about like pirates. As for the Sheeple, stop letting them watch or read “Lord of the Rings” because they are not tiny Hobbits. Cute but not tiny.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Wow ….that’s alot of chores you guys do every day!
    Your pictures are just glorious! Thank you!


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