Not A Good Day

Today has not been a brilliant day.

It has rained consistently and is very miserable outside. I was going to ride my horses but we postponed for tomorrow.

Poor BeAnne has not been feeling her best either and so I wanted her to be warm, calm and sleep.  I am a great believer in the theory that sleep is when your body heals.

I had rearranged my shed yesterday when I was given some valuable advice – my plants needed more light.  They are now in front of the big window.

And my work-table is to the side.

It took a little getting used to but BeAnne still has her special place and that is all that matters.

So while she slept, I made a sheeple to add to the collection.  He is ‘Bert.

Despite looking rather serious, ‘Bert has a kind (and honest) face!

And then Her Maj woke up (after a good 3 hour snooze) and told me we could go back to the house now.  So I packed away my work tools and wool and we went indoors whereupon BeAnne ate a big tea with very little encouragement, and then the cat’s as well.  Good girl.

7 thoughts on “Not A Good Day

  1. Sam

    Some days it is ok if all you did was breathe. Your Sheeple Ster is lovely as is a well napped BeAnne’s face.

  2. Gail

    Love ‘Bert. If plants start LEANING toward the light, like they’re reaching for it, I sometimes turn the pot/tray around so they can REACH in the opposite direction. Isn’t it lovely that ‘Bert doesn’t care about such things??


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