Usual Dog Walk

My usual dog walk.  2 miles every day with Her Maj, or BeAnne Duvet Soufflé Princess Chantelle Shaznay du Mezzanine (that would be her offishul Kennel Club name).

I know I harp on but every day, following me everywhere, is BeAnne.  From an advert in FreeAds, she never leaves my side.  This is her bed head look.


The weather is closing in on one side, blue sky on the other and, oh look, the galloping track gate is open.  We might have to investigate that while I still can.  This is the track that is about 1/4 mile long of pure gallopy happiness!  Jo once took Andy in his cart and managed the corner on one wheel as we raced her on our horses.


Anyway, enjoy the scenery – this is what I see every day on my dog walk.


That galloping track still beckons.  Sod the weather.  We go soon before the gate shuts again, please.  I want to race.


Foula in the clouds.


The weather consistently made its point but we were out for an hour and, amazingly, we came home dry.


I’m a bit partial to a pile of rocks.  Look, see, blue sky.  You wouldn’t know all that grey sky was behind us.  The weather in Shetland is very quick.  You can have everything in the space of one day, weather-wise.


Looking southwards down to Sumburgh Head.


The picture with everything – the pile of rocks, a dramatic sky and Foula sitting in a special pool of light.


Down by the shoreline are caves where I was told folk used to hide when the Press Gangs were in the area recruiting.  


There is also a natural “swimming pool” which is a perfect natural rectangular shape hewn into the rocks.  The sun shines and creates a lovely warm pool to swim in.  Full of barnacles, though, so swim in your shoes.

OH and I went down there once for a romantic picnic (chicken drumsticks).  Sadly I had forgotten to bring the picnic and spent the whole time worrying whether the cat was stealing it off the kitchen table. So much for romance.


Foula and the Loch of Sung.  I go fishing there sometimes. I have caught brown trout.  Nothing huge but enough to feed a cat.  One of my daughters caught her own trousers.


On the way home.  Golly, it looks like the intro to The Wizard of Oz.


“We’re all doomed, Captain Mainwaring”


So that was my daily dog walk.  Spectacular.

3 thoughts on “Usual Dog Walk

  1. Cate

    Shetland is truly spectacular. It’s a place that calls to the heart. I visited it once, in 1977, and discovered much later that my granny’s family came from there. Thank you for sharing it!


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