The Continuing Heducation of Hammy

The big bad world outside is a very different place from the nice safe indoor school.  Hammy continued with his learning from where he left off yesterday.


We thought it prudent to take a friend along for moral support.


So with friend in front looking fairly non-plussed and Hammy following, we took Hammy outside to get him used to the dragging sound of the wooden plank on a hard surface.


It was going quite well until Hammy had a bit of a hissy fit.  There was rearing but I totally managed to miss that.  Jo quickly and calmly untangled him and, using the quick release knot, removed the scary wooden block from the equation.


To calm Hammy down (now a little hysterical), Jo took him back a stage in his education, and they went out for a walk up the track with just the traces dangling.


Moral support went along too.


Bozz-Bozz was, again, fascinated by the action.


He left the herd, who were happily chomping on their silage and ignoring everything, to go dashing off up the field to follow and watch.


They returned, with Hammy much calmer so IndyPingPong, having fulfilled his role of moral support, was returned to the field.


Hammy was attached once again to the wood block but with Fiona on “quick release” and taking most of the strain. Off they pootled up the track.


They went for quite a long time, this time.


I was very bored so I took lovely photos of the most beautiful thing around me.


Eventually, everyone returned in a very calm fashion with Hammy pulling the block all by himself like he had done it all his life.


Untacked, Fiona leant over his back to tickle his tum.


With her foot on a bucket, she sat on his back, side-saddle fashion.  Jo was on the front end acting as the carrot vending machine.


As Hammy didn’t react and his body language never changed, Fiona slipped her leg over his back and sat on him astride.


Hammy walked happily towards his carrot vending machine.


And off they all went for a circuit of the school.


One big congratulatory snog for Hammy plus all the carrots in the world….


…..and Hammy was taken back to his field where he could tell all his friends about his latest exploits.  I think he enjoyed himself.


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