Going out

Bjørn on Taktur (my newly trained Icelandic stallion), Jo on Haakon (my 19yo Icelandic gelding) and Fiona on Iacs (Daisy’s 17yo Icelandic gelding) all went out for a ride with me following on foot (not jealous, not jealous, not jealous).


They tölted or trotted off up the track.


And quickly vanished over the horizon.


BeAnne and I pottered along behind at our own pace with a smile on our face (not) and song in our heart (even less).


Behind us, what had started being a fairly decent day suddenly looked revolting.  It resembled my mood!


On one side we were ok with clear sky so BeAnne and I stayed by the road waiting for the riders’ return.  BeAnne kept herself amused looking for pesky wabbits but staying nearby.  She never wanders.  I am always within sight or sound.


I pottered taking irrelevant photos.  You can see the ground is very dry. We haven’t had any decent rain for ages and the grass is not growing.

BN2A3251-1  BN2A3265-1

Takka-takka takka-takka and I looked up.  “What’s that coming over the hill. Is it a monster? Is it a monster?”  


No, it is Haakon in a vile mood because Jo has made him do some work for a change. He hates that. When it is just me and him, we slob along.  It is our way.

BN2A3274-1 BN2A3280-1

The “monsters” went past and I managed a quick chat with Bjørn.  He said Taktur’s tölt was coming along nicely, but he will let him take his time to develop it rather than force this gait.  Taktur has a strong rhythm and excellent “willingness”. So proud – I am very lucky.


And off they vanished, as it was beginning to snow.


Really snow, in April.   I don’t think that is very nice.


The horses were all put out into their field. Taktur happily played “crocodiles” with Haakon.  I think my mystery is solved.  No wonder they all have chunks of fur taken out.


Tomorrow hopefully this – the galloping track.  I can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “Going out

  1. Yvette

    Typical shetland weather! Jealous of your galloping track!! Maybe some day i will box my horse up and take him out for a ride with your guys……if i ever get a box, vehicle and license to tow that is!!

  2. Maddi

    I’ve put all my details in but I can’t remember what I was going to comment.. hmmm.. *scrolls back through pictures and listens to rain drumming on conservatory roof*
    Oh yes, rain. You can have some of ours if you like?
    Also, is it just the pictures or are the Icelandics very bum-high? A breed trait?

    Muchos love,
    Maddi x

  3. Frances Post author

    They are not particularly “bum high” – they are working and using their muscles for their outline. The photos are just a moment in time. The next one would have their bum at a much flatter angle. Their legs have a huge distance, between each step, if that makes sense so the bum muscles are working all the time.


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