Upwards, Ever Upwards

I am fed up of going over to Leradale to check the Minions, only to find them lurking at the gate, waiting, always waiting.  I think it’s all they ever do. Just stand there.  Their field is 50 acres.  They have forgotten.

Flossie gave Fivla her TurmerAid (reason: stiff old lady in winter and aids digestion – remember your LAMBIE10 discount code (10%) if you’re ordering).

Storm and Newt had a bit of a falling out.

Once the TurmerAid was finished, Flossie along with her magical bag of carrots, walked off down the hill…..

This is the power of a bag of carrots!

I was at the back pushing along any stragglers, if needed.

Maybe it’s a black Shetland pony thing – Vitamin and Waffle stopped to consider their options.

Floss had now reached the bottom of the valley and was over the deep stream that runs through the field.

A good jump from Vitamin.

While Waffle preferred to stroll over.

This is a girl on a mission.

I had allocated two pieces of carrot per pony.

And Floss carefully distributed.

Then, having finished her 2 pieces of carrot, Fivla suddenly turned away and started trotting up the steep hill behind her.

Where Fivla goes Albie follows.

And soon they were all on the move.

And that was the last we saw of the herd. Good old Fivla. The TurmerAid had worked its magic and she had taken everyone far away up the hill.

As Floss and I walked back over the stream, and up the hill on the other side to our car, a lovely rainbow appeared as it also started to rain.

Luckily we were just in time and didn’t get soaked.

3 thoughts on “Upwards, Ever Upwards

  1. diane in northern wis

    What wonderful pics today, Frances. I laughed when I saw Floss being followed by all the beautiful ponies in search of her bag of carrots! Plus the two beautiful big girls in line too. And then Floss doling out the carrots and the joy of seeing them all head off in a different direction, thanks to Fivla.
    Thank you for that gorgeous rainbow shot to close it all. Perfection.


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