Always Lambie

This is who greets me most mornings (‘Bert was behind the house – don’t worry, he gets his fair share of everything. He is just too cool to look as desperate as this lot).

Edna has certainly perfected The Look.

While Lambie uses his Winning Smile.

This afternoon, when I went into my She-shed, I was followed.

I said he could come in, if he wanted, if he could behave himself and if he would be nice.  Some days this is rather a big deal for Lambie.

So he mooched about a bit.

Had a small altercation with the tablecloth.

He said he thought he could agree to my Terms and we had a few precious Muzzah/Lambie speshul moments, which was lovely.

And then he nodded off while enjoying Classic FM’s animal playlist.

Lambie’s a funny boy. He has issues, which he thoroughly enjoys. Me less so when he is a mood and this time of year there is a funny smell of pee standing beside me!


3 thoughts on “Always Lambie

  1. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Looks like Edna is coming along fitting in, or is that Madge standing in the back still sorta stand-offish? I can’t remember who is mom and who is daughter. Glad Bert is still in the picture (although not this one). He for some unknown reason is my fav. (sorry about that).
    Hope you and the sheeples have a good New Year. Still cold here 14 degrees F. and still breaking ice in the duck pool and tank. They jump right in. OH those cold feet !!

  2. Elva

    I loved yesterday’s pictures of Monster! What a great blog posting to end the year with!
    Lambie really does have a great smile. Although my dogs like to show their cute toothy smiles, my sheep never do this. Lambie really does have talent!!
    Happy New Year to you and the family!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Love that first pic of all the sheep….especially like Madge back in the distance, looking so pretty. Yes, Lambie loves you much and being loved can have it’s travails….such as certain smells wafting your way.


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