Out for a Little Ride

It was a lovely clear and calm Shetland winter’s day – just perfect for going for a ride, or two.

With me on Iacs, and Daisy on Efstur, we went out.

Our usual route. Efstur went very nicely and Daisy wants him to feel confident and have all the basics down before we change the route.

One of Efstur’s speshul skills is to halt when asked. Brakes are so important, possibly vital.

When they stopped, Efstur would get a small piece of carrot as a reward, which Iacs quickly homed in on and put in his request too!

I think we look like the horses in the Bayeux Tapestry!

With our ride completely, and everyone told they were good boys, we were about to walk home…..

… when Iacs spied something in the distance coming towards us.

Iacs: “I wonder if there are biscuits on board!”

This was a good opportunity for Efstur to meet the unusual.

Daisy told him it was all fine and he took it all in his stride even sniffing a small wellie boot!

This was my view on the way home from checking the Minions.  Not bad, eh?!

5 thoughts on “Out for a Little Ride

  1. diane in northern wis

    What a wonderful ride for the two of you and your magnificent steeds! I so enjoy the pictures that you post, Frances.


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