I can tell it’s raining

We have rain for possibly the rest of our lives now.  It has been forecast.  So dreary.

Having donned full waterproofs, BeAnne and I walked up the hill so we could both snuff up some fresh air and she could feel the wind in her whiskers.

Afterwards we took to my shed and, while Her Maj had a rest, I listened to Hercule Poirot solving an immense crime and made a sheeple to add to my small collection.

A grey Shetland body, stubby legs with a white wool fleece and rather long lugs!

He joined his friends.

While BeAnne continued to sleep, I watered my plants and encouraged those that were making an effort, to keep on growing – my ginger and my turmeric roots are trying. I am pleased with them.

And I am less pleased with these. Pathetic.

I have many Aloe Vera, who like my shed and grows like Topsy.

Anyway, you can tell it’s raining because I am reduced to taking photos of Monster!

Expect more because I don’t think it is going to stop raining for the foreseeable.




5 thoughts on “I can tell it’s raining

  1. Sam

    Nice to see Monster and BeAnne can lounge together and not fight over the bed.
    Yeah, dreary rain can slow the best of us down. Could use some in New England – having a drought.

  2. Linda

    Yup, we had a “soggy doggy” come in from the backyard just a few minutes ago. Do they not feel the rain?
    Anyway, I am also glad to see Monster and BeAnne being “buddies” – even though they won’t admit it…

  3. diane in northern wis

    Love your pics of the two crazies ….love your new lamb that you made too. We’ve been getting snow here already….I’d rather it be rain! Take good care of your critters and your lovely family!


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