“Unicorn” Sand

If I have a digger on my property, I make the most of it.  Basically, if it can be dug, it will be dug.

So today, having phoned our local quarry, I went to inspect sand.  The surface of our indoor riding arena is not as helpful as it might be and it has been possibly nearly 20 years since it was last resurfaced.  We dig it up fairly regularly but the time has come because, like the Sahara, it moves grain by grain out of the school if it can.

I had phoned the quarry earlier to enquire about what sand surfaces were available and was told about the Builders Sand and the Unicorn Sand.  Washed Dust was also offered as a suitable riding surface but I wanted to see it before I ordered tonnes of the stuff. I quite liked the idea of the Unicorn Sand myself.

I drove over to the quarry to examine the samples and was very saddened to find that it was not Unicorn Sand but Uniform Sand.  You can imagine my disappointment though I am not sure what I expected to see – glitter or something magical going on.  Sort of Harry Potter sand maybe.

So, I bought 18 tonnes of the stuff without glitter or magic to be delivered first thing tomorrow by lorry.

I went on into town to put more sheeple in the field.  Look, it’s now crammed.

I also noticed Shetland Handweavers (home of my real unicorn rug) had one of their beautiful rugs on display ready for Wool Week.

So that was me today.  A distinct lack of unicorns in my book.


4 thoughts on ““Unicorn” Sand

  1. Karen burfoot

    I was thinking someone had designed multi coloured glittery sand. How disappointing it would have made falling off so much more appealing. Especially if it tasted of marshmallow.


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