A Momentous Day

Today was a momentous day.  A day to remember.

I have been mulling this over for a while now.

Whether to put shoes back on Haakon and try riding him again.

He hasn’t been ridden since the beginning of March 2019 – 16 lonely months – when he was lame and all those horrible hoof abscesses appeared.  I have missed riding my boy more than I can say and had decided to retire him as his body appeared to be giving up.  He is 26 years old.

Yes, I have Klængur to ride and that is lovely but…..

And Iacs has always been on offer from Daisy, but…..

I keep having this little niggling wonder whether if we put shoes on Haakon, would he want to be ridden.  So today, I put on his saddle and bridle, got on and we went out, accompanying Efstur. Haakon loved it.  Everything was completely normal and he was so very, very happy.  He did all his usual things – not stand still ever, not wait nicely for Efstur, he snatched the reins out of my hands, piggy-paced everywhere and I forgave him them all.  He was my Haakon again.  If we only have this summer and he is happy and healthy about being ridden, then we will gently get him back into shape and have some fun.  I was also happily surprised when we got home at just how fit Haakon was. No puffing with my fat arse on his back.  He had a spring in his step and his old familiar glint in his eye.

I have of course have a very cheesey grin now!

10 thoughts on “A Momentous Day

  1. Kerry

    Looks like you and he both…cheesy grins that is.
    What a lovely post – here’s hoping for a good Summer together for you two. Best of luck
    And leave the fat arses comments for the wider Minions in your bevy of beasts. As for you: You’re just perfect

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Good for you both! What a day to remember and both of you seemed to have a wonderful time.

  3. darby callahan

    this is wonderful. you inspire me to try riding again. I lost my pony in march at 31 years old and have been hesitant to ride my younger mare, usually my Daughter’s mount . keep up the good work. smiling with you.

  4. diane in northern wis

    What lovely news today….you’re out riding Haakon again! I can see the wonderful smile on your face from here! How excellent. Hope things continue to go splendidly with your rides this summer.


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