Two Old Men

Here are two old friends (24 and 23 years old) having a snooze in the so-called Shetland Spring (with-absolutely-no-evidence-of) sunshine.

They are sitting on dry grassy area outside the house, getting some rest and shut-eye.

Knowing these two, they are probably cogitating while putting the world to rights.

Our two dear old boys.  We love them very much.

These guys are similar in a we-are-family way and looks but also have very different views on life.

Haakon (on the left) is one year older than Iacs, so he gets to boss his cousin around.  He is a wise old bird who is fairly unflappable but has a huge amount of Icelandic horse “willingness”.  The day he stands still is the day he retires from being ridden.  Yesterday we did mad circles in the single-track passing places while the cars went past.  Having said that, I trust Haakon 100%.  He is my rock.

Iacs is calmer, more optimistic, a glass half-full kinda guy. They are both the best of friends and have not been apart for nearly 20 years.

So enjoy our view, as we open my front door.  We love these two boys – they are the best of friends.


8 thoughts on “Two Old Men

  1. Terri

    Not a bad view from the front porch! They look so calm and at peace. Thanks for sharing this glimpse of Thordale life.
    PS In Oregon we’ve having “sprinter” (spring/winter). Enough already, bring on the sunshine!

  2. Carol E

    I love that hint of the primitive Przewalski spine colouring. Haakon has that super-relaxed slightly floppy lower lip that I’ve been told is a sign of a happy, confident, mellow horse. No surprise.

  3. Linda

    “Old friends, winter companions, the old men
    Lost in their overcoats, waiting for the sun…”
    from song by Simon and Garfunkle

    How wonderful that they have each other!


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