Going on a Bear Hunt

Sorry about the radio silence but there was no Wifi signal on the ferry.

Yes, that’s right, Daisy and I were on the boat last night going south to Aberdeen.

Today will be spent looking at and hugging rescue cats in two cat shelters.

Wish us both luck. The roads are very scary but it is lovely (and soothing) having Classic FM in the car.

The photo is our breakfast view!

8 thoughts on “Going on a Bear Hunt

  1. John Davies

    No cat shelters in the Shetlands? Wow, to get our cat all I had to do was drive my wife Tama a mile over to the east and start talking to cats. They had named our chosen cat Startrek but we decided on Sisko for the character on Deep Space Nine. He jumped out of the cage and up into my arms so I was immediately taken
    with him!

  2. Sam

    Good luck with the “Bear” hunt! Remember to listen carefully to know who is looking for the Exit Visa to come home with you.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Was worried when I didn’t find your blog. Sounds like you two are on a great adventure. Best of luck to you!


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