Colour Coordinating Horses

Not a bad day for riding so Daisy and I decided to ride out, twice.

First up, for me, was Klængur, a small-ish ginger ninja who enjoys a good fast tölt.

Daisy rode her competition horse, Kappi.

They managed to keep up with us!

Taktur was having a day off and we left him happily mooching around clearing up any dropped silage.

Kappi and Klængur had a good fast ride and once home, untacked and fed, we threw them out to eat around the shed and house with Taktur.  Daisy noticed this that even in our fields we colour coordinate – here we have six horses, three in each field comprising of two chestnut horses and one black.  Now that’s clever!

On, again, with our colour coordinated riding.  This time I took my old boy, Haakon.  He is a buckskin dun.

And so is Iacs, his 2nd cousin.  Daisy was riding him.

Iacs cantered along happily.  He was probably humming to himself too.  This second ride was meant to be slow – just two old men going for a little potter.  Nope.  We were riding happy hooligans who never stopped.

It was a grand ride.  We went right up into the hill.

This is the view on the way home.  Not bad, eh?

I ache a bit now.  It was totally worth it.

4 thoughts on “Colour Coordinating Horses

  1. Louise Stopford

    What a view – Fantastic!! You are so lucky being able to get out riding in that beautiful landscape. Sounds like you all had a marvellous time – well worth the aches. P.S. Any sign of Cattie yet?


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