Two Firsts

A day of Firsts – well, two really.

The first First was going on a ride with Flossie and Bjørn together.


Flossie quickly realised that this was a different kind of plod from our usual rides out and Iacs looked after her beautifully, never scaring her once (I do love that little horse).


We let Bjørn go on ahead as it was obvious we were holding him up.


I rode Klængur who, after realising he was not to follow Taktur, quickly settled down and we did some nice work together.


Iacs kept his beady eyes on me at all times because I apparently am the home of the carrot.


So we stopped for a carrot break which was most welcome by the boys.

IMG_2156 IMG_2161

The second First is the tentative truce between Wussums and Loki.  It has only taken over two years and I am not holding my breath.


Wu only came into the sitting room because he wanted someone to open a tin of food for him but, still, it is progress.


Wu genuinely likes BeAnne just not Loki.


But he has managed two years without being killed and I do think that if they both met face to face, Loki would do nothing..

There was even relaxed purring today and no one ran out.


I am not forcing this relationship. It must be on Wu’s terms and he must feel confidant that Loki will not chase.

Small steps.

2 thoughts on “Two Firsts

  1. jan

    Lovely to see Wu and Loki in the same room, great progress. Gorgeous pictures of your ride and the horses with their carrots.

  2. Terri

    Maybe Wu thinks,”Flossie will protect me” — i.e., perhaps as long as a friendly human is present, Wu feels safe? Nice ride….


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