Life Lessons

After a good riding morning, Floss and I drove over to see everyone in Sandness.


Hetja is doing very well post-pregnancy.

She is maintaining her weight and has no intention of losing it after having her foal.  Anyway, she will need it for the harsh Shetland winter that is on its way.


Hjalti is doing lots of getting bigger.


He has taken a particular liking to thistles and we watched him for a while trying to bite the spiky dead heads off one at a time.  What is it about Icelandic horses and their love of thistles?


Hjalti is  growing into a very smart chap and very similar to his mother in shape.


He is well integrated into the herd and likes to mingle with the others but is still considered the little squirt who must know his place.


After this misguided sniff, he quickly went back to his dear old mum with a flea in his ear.


And Hetja said “If you can’t sniff something nice… don’t sniff nothing at all!”

(shamelessly misquoted from Bambi)


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