Love is All You Need

It’s a beautiful day now.  Shetland is back to its’ finest.  Happy, happy.


I have this ridiculous dream that all the horses and ponies will get on together, without chasing, Lambie and Lambert.


So far, I have failed dismally.  The Minions were the worst offenders and only have to see a black and white cottonwool ball following me into their field, before they have a combined evil thought and chase Lambie until he runs screaming up to me to save him.  So I haven’t taken him back for a while.

But everyone is bigger now and perhaps a bit more sensible.


Today the Minions were better behaved but Lambie has not forgotten their previous bullying.


Any hint of sniffing and he was off back to me yelling blue murder.


So Floss and I sat down on nice flat comfortable dry rocks and let everyone get to know each other again under strict supervision.

BN2A3017 BN2A3014

We made progress.  Huge progress, I think, though I still don’t trust anyone really.


Early days.

BN2A2949 BN2A2959

But it was nice to sit in the sun surrounded by Lambie, Lambert, Silver, Waffle and Tiddles.  Storm is away being a VIP – a very important pony – with Taktur.  He is the ring leader, if I am honest, so I am glad he was away in another field as he couldn’t get the others to join in with his games.


We will see……


5 thoughts on “Love is All You Need

  1. Linda

    Lambie and Tiddles (almost) look like they were “separated at birth”!

    I’ve think you’ve got some talent here, Frances – perhaps check out positions at the United Nations? 😉

  2. Terri

    You’ve certainly got excellent negotiating skills, bringing both sides to the table and hammering out a tentative truce (with fingers crossed!). It is to be hoped that all parties will lay down their arms (er, teeth) and sign the peace agreement.
    PS Trust, but verify….

  3. louise whyte

    our sheep graze happily with the horses, though there was the unfortunate incident when Suze used Spencer as a rugby ball and lobbed him as if she were going for the crossbars, and sent him up in the air and he landed about 15ft away…..fortunately he was not injured and she now is fine….


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