Tweet-Tweets & Tinsel

Off to Lerwick today in our new-to-us little car that we bought on Monday.  It ran beautifully and it has the missing 6th gear that I always previously looked for.  I took my big camera with me just in case those Eiders appeared again.  I don’t think they did.

I saw a Graculus type bird – definition here – our family are keen Noggin the Nog fans.


I pootled about with my camera for a while being (f)artistic.


And saw this little thing again.

BN2A5300 BN2A5304 BN2A5305

And Graculus (?) closer up.

BN2A5310 BN2A5313

Then suddenly, they all disappeared and a seal hove into view.


Then off to see my “hoodie” who was still having fun at the same beach.

BN2A5322 BN2A5337BN2A5354BN2A5356

Now, question, are these birds the same as the original birdie with the orange legs?  My guess it that they are.  They are much prettier flying than standing.

BN2A5332 BN2A5334 BN2A5336   BN2A5348

Having done with the bird-watching and, realising Shetland only has about 5 hours camera-worthy daylight this time of year, I drove back to Sandness to see if the girls are preparing themselves for tomorrow’s Big Event.  I found them getting their beauty sleep.  They are going to need it because everyone will be taking photos of them in their best bib and tucker.  As you can see it is hard work being a media internet sensation.


Tomorrow we will be attending the Family Parade Day in Lerwick – full details here – with pooper scoop in one hand and camera in the other.  Jo has made Vitamin and Fivla a lovely set of jingle bells on red leather to go round their necks.  I am toying with purchasing some tinsel.



I wonder if they will be allowed into Santa’s Grott?  Probably not. He really wouldn’t want Fivla and Vitamin sitting on his knee but yes, they have been very good girls all year.


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