Lerwick’s Winter Festival

We have just got home from taking Fivla and Vitamin to lead the Winter Festival Family Parade in Lerwick with Santa Clause turning on the Christmas lights with the nursery children.

Those two ponies are completely bomb-proof (not that a bomb went off but you know what I mean).  A bell being rung, brass band playing, a swarm of people and Vikings (Jarl Squad), tractor, wheelchairs, balloons….. you name it, Fivla and Vitamin have seen it, met it and they calmly strolled through the town like Her Majesty The Queen herself on a meet-and-greet.  I was so proud of these two little Shetland ponies wearing their sweaters and jingle bells.  They walked behind Santa and his ringing bell, stopping to say hello to any small child who wanted a chat.  Nothing worried them and they took it all in their stride.

Everyone is exhausted now.  Here are the pics.  Mince pies for the girls tomorrow.  They deserve it.  Double whiskey for Jo, Fiona and Robert.  We deserve it!

Getting ready


Walking from the stable to the trailer


Into the trailer


Getting dressed


All going to the starting point, taking the pooper-scooper with us, aka Robert.


Down by the boat harbour.


Ready for the off


First fan


Jarl Squad arrives


And off we go!


4 thoughts on “Lerwick’s Winter Festival

  1. Celeste

    I love it! This is the best holiday event I’ve seen. I’m going to ask Santa for a pony for Christmas with its own sweater. Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

  2. Dot

    I love the beautiful knitted coats! How lovely to take them to meet everyone. Wish I had been there – but the photos are next best.


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