Turn Around!

Well me and my ancient sat-nav now loathe each other.  I have discovered that he lies, can turn himself off when most needed, his voice gets tetchier and tetchier and hasn’t heard of half of Bristol’s postcodes. He even tells me to pull a uey when things are going badly! Unhelpful.  We have had words, possibly almost caused a few accidents and I am now seriously considering replacing him.

Or, as Floss remarked, despite not having an old fashioned paper map, we are still enjoying the full experience!

Bristol is pretty, in parts, if you are living in the rich expensive bit. The architecture is truly stunning and they have a nice suspension bridge.  There are tiny narrow streets with cars parked (badly/thoughtlessly) on either side. The roads are terrible – potholes and lumpy.  Cycling would be certain suicide.

Today was spent finding Floss’ new abode (three attempts, thank you Mr Sat-Nav), emptying Tesco’s, and then spending a few happy hours in a massive Chinese supermarket – Floss’ idea of heaven.

Tomorrow, I am back on the road again.

6 thoughts on “Turn Around!

  1. annie vanderven

    Your satnav must be a relation of mine…If it gets a whiff of a hold up anywhere, it decides to send me around the nation…I always think it must have stocks in the fuel industry…

  2. Dee Savage

    I just love your sense of humor! We, too had unpredictable experiences when driving in England. Sat-Nav sent us down a picturesque dirt ‘road’, so narrow that the bushes and foliage on either side were brushing both sides of the rental car. I thought for certain that the Hertz Audi would have scratches all over, and we’d be charged a huge supplemental fine. But amazingly, no damage was done. I made a video of this episode. We finally did make it to Agatha Christie’s house in Devon.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Whew…..what a day for you two. I’m guessing you finally found your way to Floss’s new place. No picture though? Hope she’ll be happy there. Is she living in a decent area? Near school? Praying that all will go well for her. And praying you can find your way with your ornery nav. system.


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