Lots of Icelandic horses in the indoor school today.  Jo with Tór, Fi with Hreyfing.  Haakon and Iacs were already in the school and we had forgotten that no one actually knew each other.

BeAnne was also nagging to ride so I popped her on Haakon and we left them all to it.


Haakon introduced himself to Tór and Tór squeaked as is right when you meet the head of the herd.


BeAnne just sat there.


She enjoys riding Haakon and he doesn’t mind one bit.


Iacs’ hoof is much better.  You wouldn’t know that yesterday he was telling us that death was his only friend.  He is much perkier now, tried to barge out of the stables this morning (we had words) and last night’s poultice stunk like nothing on this planet.


Jo put on another poultice (camouflage in case he needs to creep around in the dark).


So while Fiona rode Hreyfing round Haakon watched and BeAnne rested…..


…. and while Jo put out trotting poles out for Fiona and Hreyfing, Haakon watched and BeAnne didn’t move..


BeAnne knows Haakon would never ever do anything horrid.


They have been together all her life.


Once Haakon understands his responsibilities, he takes them very seriously – it could be me riding or BeAnne – he looks after us all.


This is not a horse that is stressed or worried about a predator resting on his back.


And this is not a dog who is worried that she is sleeping on nearly half a tonne of potentially explosive reaction.

Anyway, Icelandic horses are just the right shape for BeAnne.


Tór, on the other hoof, is not convinced this is anything he would like to participate in.


I love Icelandic horses.  They are all such cool dudes.


7 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Linda

    What a joy to see that first photo, after perusing the online daily news…
    So glad to hear Iacs is feeling so much better – just needed to get the ooze out? (the pressure from it must have been so uncomfortable)
    And what a gentleman that Haakon is!

  2. Linda K

    Hreyfing is having a quiet snooze in that first photo. Iacs is looking relaxed. He must be so relieved to be rid of the pain (at least I hope he is, pain free that is), it was horrible to see him suffering yesterday. And
    gorgeous Haakon – what nice manners he has.

  3. Deb Twomey

    does Tor have white on his nose? How cute.. I am going to try my small pup on my Shetlands this Spring. We will see what happens. He is DEFINITELY NOT a Beanne

  4. Terri

    Great photos! Iacs looks much happier. And BeAnne looks her happiest (and relaxed-est).
    By the way, I thought her name was pronounced as a command: “Be ANNE!”
    But, according to what I heard in your GoPro video, it’s “BEEN-ee” (or “BEE-knee”) Please clarify if you have time. In any case, she’s the bee’s knees and one-of-a-kind!

    1. Frances Post author

      Tis both. She is Be-Anne (pronounced BeAnne as one word with two syllables) mostly but originally Beanie (as a puppy).

      Her full name, just to make things even more complicated, is Be-Anne Duvet Soufflé Princess Chantelle du Mezzanine.

      Now you know! 🙂


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