Poor Hoppity Iacs

This morning Daisy and I decided to go for a ride.  She wanted to take Iacs and I would ride Klængur.  So we brought them both in.

Klængur was definitely keen to go out – I love his happy and enthusiastic face.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 16.53.29

But Iacs was very definitely not alright.  I took this film for Jo to look at and for us to decide what  to do next.  Daisy and I were very worried.

He had a sachet of Danilon and we put Iacs into the stable.


For company we gave him his cousin, Haakon.


Daisy and I hot-soaked his left hind foot for 20 minutes but there was nothing to see.  I used the hoof testers with not much reaction.  We did notice, however, that Iacs seemed a bit more sound – perhaps the Danilon was working or the hot-soak had relieved the pain.  Who knows.


Meanwhile, we sucked our teeth and had to go out for our last flute trio lesson before Daisy goes back to St Snotters on Saturday.

While we were out, Jo came past and did the same thing, as well as testing his pelvis, spine, etc and listening for breaks, creaking, anything really.  She also poked about with the hoof-knife (she is a trained registered farrier) and the hoof testers but, like us, found nothing.

We re-grouped, discussed and decided to do two more hot-soaks this afternoon/tonight and another Danilon.  Iacs stood in his bucket again.

L1140214-2 L1140215-2

Afterwards, as I had my headtorch on, I had a good press round his hoof with my gloved hands and something revolting oozed out of the top of his hoof/heel.  It stunk.


Iacs is now not hopping lame.  Phew!  Another hot-soak tonight and then I will poultice with Animalintex and gaffer tape (no bandages).  He can stay in with Haakon until the morning.

Bloody hell – he had us worried.

8 thoughts on “Poor Hoppity Iacs

  1. Terri

    Poor fellow, he looks utterly miserable in the video. Glad you and Jo ferreted out the cause — hope he heals completely very soon. What a scare! Warm wishes from the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Linda K

    What a relief. I’m glad he’s on the mend and I’m sure he’s grateful for the care he’s had and that he’s not limping anymore. poor boy.

    Nice photo of Klaengur. He does look a happy chap.

  3. Kelly

    Sweet boy- so glad you all seem to have him on the mend.

    I must tell you that until you clarified the pronunciation recently, I always thought Iacs was a lower-case L, rather than a capital I. So I pronounced it ‘Lax’ in my mind. Why I would think you would use a lower-case in his name, I have no idea. But now, that darling boy is ‘Lax’ to me and I can’t seem to get my mind to change it! hehe 🙂


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