A Useful School

Yesterday, as we listened to someone pouring buckets of water on the indoor school (or it could’ve been torrential rain outside), we were all very grateful that we had somewhere indoors to train our horses.


Tór is watching and learning all the time.


Although he has already been lightly backed and ridden in Iceland, Jo is taking things very slowly and quietly establishing a relationship based on trust before anything else.


He is a funny boy.  There are similarities in his character to his big half-brother in many ways.  I can definitely see Taktur there.


Fi and Hreyfing were practising “long and low” while relaxing.


It was a good training session and they enjoyed themselves.  It is always good to finish with a smile.


In the evening, after supper, as the lights were working, Bjørn came over to train Taktur. Taktur is 6 years old this summer, or 1st January depending on how you think.


I also had a lesson on Klængur (sadly there were no photos as no one was around to take them  *** cough ***!) and then Daisy rode Kappi.


I expect the lights will die again with all the rain – they don’t like rain so we must make the most of everything while it is working.

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