Trip to the Vet

We had an early vet appointment so Daisy and I had to rush around in the almost-dark looking for Waffle and Kappi.

We drove the boys to the vet for their annual booster injections for equine flu.

I sat in the van and admired the view while Daisy went inside to say we had arrived.

The boys waited patiently.  They are both experienced travellers.

Waffle was first.

He knows this.  Smallest first!

And of course he was a very good boy.

Next up was Kappi.

(I got Waffle out so he could eat the roadside grass to make room for the vet to get to Kappi).

You can rely on Waffle to behave.  He knows his job.

Then we loaded Waffle up again, drove them both home, took Kappi out, put Fivla in and drove them to the MInion field.

So that’s done for another year.  At present we have no plans to go south but boosters are better than starting the vaccination course again because we missed a year.

3 thoughts on “Trip to the Vet

  1. Cathy

    What good boys, shows they were brought up proper.

    The clouds in that last pic are beautiful. We have had a stormy day here today too, and the last golden autumn leaves set against the black storm clouds have been wonderful.


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