And South

I flew south this morning via Aberdeen down to Heathrow, London.  I left home at 05:15 and landed in London at 10:45.  That’s fairly incredible.

A crescent moon and what is apparently the International Space Station followed us down to the airport. OH and I argued this point all the way to the airport as well as whether the moon was in an eclipse.  I wanted the star to be Venus. We also toyed with the idea of Mars too.  I am sure someone will tell us what the light is.

Land Ahoy over Scotland.

The sun rising many hours after I got up.

Arrival at Aberdeen airport.

Even at this early hour, it is all very beautiful.

I am just down south for the week.

6 thoughts on “And South

  1. F Close-Hainsworth

    Yes, the bright ‘star’ next to the very old moon was indeed Venus. Spica was the slightly less bright start to the right, in a straight line between the moon and Venus. You may have even seen the earthlight shining faintly on the whole face of the moon with only the thin crescent illuminated.

    The ISS never stays still in the sky, but passes overhead in about 5-7 minutes horizon to horizon. Over the UK it always rises in the SW and sets in the NE, and is currently visible about 5 or 6pm this weekn.


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