Travelling Again

So, here I am again sitting at Sumburgh Airport departure lounge while outside is blowing a ferocious gale.  I am soaking wet, having been caught in a bucket of water throwing contest at home on my way to the car with my bags. I hope to dry as I travel south to warmer climes.

The plane is on schedule, despite the weather. They are ‘ard here and only snow and fog stop flights.  Already I am missing Her Maj but I have left strict instructions with Daisy and OH about everything.

Next instalment at Aberdeen airport.

Landed and phew, that was a tad bouncy. I nearly returned my complimentary Tunnock’s caramel wafer!  Boick.  Anywho, sitting in the departures lounge for two hours so I might go and drive them mad at Dixon’s by trying out the cameras!

So I have arrived at my mother’s. All is well.  Night night xx


4 thoughts on “Travelling Again

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Hope the rest of your journey was less bouncy and that you are now warm and dry and enjoying a glass of wine!


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