Training Weekend

Egill Þórarinsson is here, at Thordale, training 10 riders and their Icelandic horses all weekend.

Today, having arrived fresh off the boat, he waded straight in.  Egill asked everyone to ride their horse and then, having watched them together, the rider dismounted and he got on and tried the horse for himself.  Then, mostly, everyone rode their horse again with instruction.  Tomorrow there will be individual lessons.  The weather was miserable outside so we were all thankful for the indoor school.

There was a strict timetable – five horses before lunch, and five after with a small break for coffee/tea and we introduced Egill to the Scottish staple, Tunnocks caramel wafers, as well.  Bjørn was on hand to translate and assist.


We all watched.

There was lots of chatting over horses.

We provided comfortable seating with occasional armrest.

I may have eaten my weight in egg mayonaise sandiwiches….

And then, again, in apple cake (eplekake)

Why am I not riding?  Because my back is not up to it at the moment.  Flossie and Daisy are participating, though, so that is all that matters for me.  I am happy enough eating egg mayonnaise sandwiches interpersed with taking the odd photo!


12 thoughts on “Training Weekend

  1. doris

    what a joy to have an indoor arena!! We have a weekend with Kirsti Ludwig beginning of July and I hopeand pray for dry weather…
    Love the heather coloured jumper…may I have a close-up? Knitting freak as you know…
    Have fun !

    1. Lauren Doughton

      🙂 The Jumper was bought from The Spiders Web in Lerwick as a farewell just before the shop shut – I’m fairly sure it’s Jamiesons Yarn – not sure which colourway (although I suspect the ‘Purple Heather’ Heather Marl yarn for the body, – it has lots of orange and blue through it close up). Yolk is natural white with teal blue, grey, body yarn & a little bit of burgundy for accent – if I had to guess I’d say Duck Egg, Sholmit (maybe mooskit?), Natural White & Cardinal colourways?

  2. Celeste

    Wow, what a terrific day! Everyone looks so good, especially the horses. How wonderful that you can host this kind of experience.

  3. Terri

    What beautiful horses! You must be in 7th Heaven! Sorry you can’t ride, but watching your daughters makes up for it (and all those egg sandwiches, yum).
    PS Love Bjorn’s Icelandic sweater! The heather-colored one is pretty too.

  4. Rebecca Final, USA

    it looks like a lovely weekend with beautiful horses (and good food). I am very interested however in how Miss BeAnne is feeling. She’s such a lovely little creature. I hope she is well.

  5. Vicki

    Lovely Esja! I made egg mayo salad today too, with celery, pickles, and some capers. Heather jumper is indeed very nice. Sounds like a great time!

  6. Louise

    Wow that looks like so much fun! And everyone looks like they’re having a great time! (Except for that one horse maybe) That food looks delicious too, love egg salad sandwiches.

    You’re dangerously inspiring. Might have to do something with horses when I retire.

  7. Carol E

    Such wonderful dynamic pictures. Egill and Bjørn have a different riding posture than what I am used to seeing; and I’ve noticed it in riders in Icelandic films. It’s like their pelvis is seated more deeply, or they have less arch in their lower back? They seem lower in the saddle, somehow.

    And as another knit fanatic, I’d love to know the colour #s and brand of the yarns in that woman’s lovely Crofthoose hat. I just got the pattern yesterday and I love her color scheme! Maybe she’s on Ravelry?

    Thank you again for sharing your bit of Shetland with us.


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