Training Weekend At Thordale

I am exhausted but I will do my very best or at least let the photos speak for me.

To be very honest, I never actually thought Egill Þórarinsson would come to Shetland for a training weekend but he did, and it was fantastic, beyond words.  Thank you Bjørn for asking him.


All ten riders and their horses did fantastically well under Egill’s tuition. They worked hard and achieved much.  Every standard was catered for – both horse and rider.  Everyone came out inspired to try harder and to do more with their horse.

The highlight of my weekend was seeing so many beautiful Icelandic horses at Thordale with their happy, willing and enthusiastic riders.  I sincerely hope this is the beginning of something regular.  It was lovely to see.  Everyone helped, inspired and supported each other.  We were a real working team with the same goal.

And so to bed. Zzzzz,,,,,,,

(I may have eaten my weight in egg mayo sarnies again, BeAnne is so exhausted (I had to send her indoors to warm up and sleep) while Lambie is not talking to me since he has spent two days in his little field (wifi and radio).

So, best training weekend ever in Shetland and here’s to many more!  Thanks you guys!

14 thoughts on “Training Weekend At Thordale

  1. Darby

    I have really enjoyed and been inspired by these photos of the training weekend. also coveting some of the fair isle sweaters worn by the participants!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    As someone who takes lessons and has been riding a very long time I’m inspired by these photos! What a great group and a wonderful teacher (not all are this excellent). Hopefully, more to come.


  3. Nancy

    Sounds like a wonderful experience for all!!
    The pictures speak more than a thousand words.
    I feel a little bit inspired just by looking at them!! =)

    By the way, what are egg mayo sarnies?! They sound yummy!

    1. Frances Post author

      Hard boiled eggs chopped and mixed with mayonnaise, salt and paper to season in buttered white bread. Food of the Gods!

      1. Nancy

        Oh, I think we eat them here as well!
        We just call them egg salad sandwiches??
        I LOVE them, too!! hee hee!!

  4. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Just wonderful pictures and story about your weekend of training. How fun to see all the riders and their horses being instructed. I loved it. So glad it went off so well for you all. Congratulations. and Thank You for sharing.

  5. LIsa

    The horse in the 2nd photo….magnificent! That horse has a lot of ‘presence’ and “WOW” going for it! Great photo!

      1. Carol E

        He is a magnificent beast! It’s great to see him around more of his compatriots, shining all the more. How great if this became a regular event….you might end up with a very select and special riding school again? One more excellent reason to visit the Shetlands…..

  6. Sam

    Lovely pictures. Interesting to see the subtle improvements of the riders before and after instruction.
    Those sandwiches sound yummy.


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