We Have Guests

This weekend is very exciting.

One of Iceland’s most famous Icelandic horse riders, trainers (an instructor at Holar University) and breeders (his stud – Minni-Reykjum) is visiting Shetland for a two day clinic at Thordale – Egill Þórarinsson.

Yes, we have been cleaning everything.

There are ten riders and their horses in training this weekend and we have five Icelandic horses living at Clothie, which is wonderful to see.

I popped up to Clothie this afternoon for a visit and to make some introductions.

The black horse is Orri from Longhill.

Then there is the beautiful Afla frá Skálmholtshrauni (don’t ask me pronounce that one).

Then there is Hörður fra Stall Ellingseter (again, don’t ask).

Esja frá Víðinesi is home and it is lovely to see our little girl again – she knows her old Mum and her surroundings.

Kristall fra Stutteri Borg is an orange sossage – we had a lovely conversation! He thinks like Klæengur.  So similar, it was scary.  He had some training at Thordale a few years back.

And so everyone is together at Clothie.

And Flossie (my youngest is home) from Oxford.  Someone was very pleased to see her (actually, we all her – my life is perfect now).

So, roll on the weekend.  Egill Þórarinsson, international Icelandic horse trainer, is on his way to tell us how it shall be!  Very excited.

I have made 48 muffins (minus 4, because we had to try them) plus muchos soup. 

4 thoughts on “We Have Guests

  1. Sam

    What lovely Horse Guests you have. Do they get any of the muffins? What type did you make?
    Can’t wait to see pictures from this weekend.

  2. Cathy

    I’m impressed that you can spell those names, never mind pronounce them.

    Lovely to see the visitors, especially Esja. I’m sure she will enjoy visiting her old home.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and a luxurious Mothers Day!

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Hope the weather is kind and that the weekend goes with a swing! I’ll look forward to your accounts and pictures. PS – I’m missing the little ones, particularly Albie and Newt! And I hope BeAnne has fully recovered from her recent ordeal.


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