Training Taktur

Kappi is fine and has showed absolutely no sign of his colic.  In fact I never saw anything apart from one very rolled field and mud-covered horse as evidence of this episode.  So he can join the herd again and he is very happy with that decision.  Kappi tolerated solitary confinement with Taktur nearby grudgingly.  Taktur made regular bids for freedom at every opportunity to the point where I found him in the hill late one night, having pushed a gate open and escaped.  He came running when I called him out of a pitch black expanse of hill and I shoved him back into the field.  Silly boy.  Luckily he didn’t go off looking for local trollopery.

Bjørn came over this afternoon to see Kappi and agreed that he was fine.  He rode Taktur in the indoor school – this weather is too revolting to go anywhere.  It was poetry to watch.  I get a lump in my throat when I see them together.  They are a very good team and Taktur enjoys the praise when he has earned it.  He gives 100% to his rider, trying his best to get everything right, never arguing or throwing a nasty.  He is just not that kinda guy.  No bull-fighting turns (Anderwoo’s calling card) or suddenly slamming on the brakes (Indy’s speciality) – just generous to a fault.  Icelandics are like that.  It is Shetland ponies with the wicked sense of humour.

Here are a few photos from the afternoon.  The light was bad, everyone was soggy and feeling rather Sunday afternoon-ish.

We are working on building Taktur up and his feeds have increased in amount as well as being offered hay.  But he hates hay or apples and it is difficult to put the weight on him.  A constant struggle at the moment.  If this is his only fault, Taktur is a fussy bugger.

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He is a noble steed (and such a Mummy’s boy).

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