Total Foal Overload

Last night, Bergli Stud had 3 foals.

OMG! That is three little bundles of floofiness.

Obviously, I had to go and meet them (and photograph them).  It would be silly not to.

First up, is a lovely stand black filly for the Berry Stud – Bergli Stud are looking after the mare and she will be returned, with her foal to the Berry Stud later this summer.

BN2A0311 BN2A0313 BN2A0316  BN2A0321   BN2A0348

Second up, is a darling black standard/midi colt for Bergli.  He is a fine upstanding little lad with lots of potential.

Dam:  Moana of Urgarth
Sire:   Jubilant av Bergli (an absolute favourite of mine who has the best temperament)

BN2A0353 BN2A0354  BN2A0423 BN2A0425

And then, and by no means least, and I will admit I want to pop this foal down my cleavage and take her home with me……

…. a darling little palomino fairy-tale miniature filly (or heaven with legs and whiskers).

Dam:  Hedelunds Pusle
Sire:  Alex v.d. Voshoek

BN2A0356 BN2A0378    BN2A0400

She is precious heaven and I luffs her.

BN2A0412 BN2A0417 BN2A0420

So enjoy the photos because they say everything  – anything I write just wouldn’t be good enough (and I may have had a gin or three).


I love foaling time.  Lots of little wuffles that need to be hugged!


Life is good.  No, sod it, life is perfect.


(like I said, a gin or three)



8 thoughts on “Total Foal Overload

  1. Linda

    Oh good grief! that palomino foal DOES look like a fairy pony – if I found it sleeping in the woods, I would think she was magical (and would probably also check to see if she was a unicorn).

    And Moana of Urgarth – sounds like she came from Middle Earth!

  2. Susan

    I luff them all and if I lived nearby I would abscond with them all, keep the pics coming, don’t know what I would do without my daily dose of beautifulness

  3. simone

    FOALS! lovely photos, Frances. I would definitely stuff that palomino girl under my jacket and pretend I put on weight…. 🙂

  4. Sam

    Who needs gin with all those foals love? I do think the darling girl proves that unicorns are real! And if you can sneak her and mom to your home – who’s to tell on you? Not me.

  5. Terri

    Since I’m in Normandy now, tonight I’m rowing across the Channel to steal all of them….They’ll probably fit in the rowboat, don’t you think? xxx (nose kissy for each)


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