Cutie Patooties

Today I went over to Bergli Stud to take photos of this year’s foals.

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

The little ones had all just been microchipped by the vet.  Then the paperwork has to be completed and the foals will be registered with the Shetland Stud-Book Society.  The each get their official red passport.

Only a vet can microchip a pony.  It is injected into the nuchal ligament just below the mane.

No one seemed any the worse for this procedure.

After the vet had gone, I just did what I like to do best – wander round taking lots of photos.

I miss our standard blacks but having this stud at the end of my road means I see these beautiful ponies all the time.

And we are lucky to have such lovely little foals nearby too.

Remember Rose Blossom?  The mare who nearly died from hyperlipaemia.  Well here she is looking amazing.  I don’t know if she still remembers me.  As her nurse, we did not part the best of friends.

More photos soon.  There were so many delicious little foalios!

5 thoughts on “Cutie Patooties

  1. Linda

    Chewing on everything, just like animal babies everywhere…
    So nice to see Rose Blossom thriving! (that’s more of your work, Nurse Frances) 🙂


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