To Town for Jab

Today was a day in town.  A necessity and on my own.

It was raining on and off, with a blustery wind.  Not nice.

I had some time to fill so I trawled up and down the street.

There was little evidence of people even though a few shops were open. Many were not.

I admire those that made the effort. Times are hard and they need all the support they can get.

Closure is just very sad. I hate it.

I went to see if the knitwear shop needed more Sheeple but they were only open at the time I was going home.

So I peered through the glass on the door to see what I could see……. (I think they are ok for Sheeple).

It was a singularly miserable dreich day.  Not even the seagulls were blagging chips.  Why? Because all the chip shops were closed.  Now, that is terrible.

Me?  I was dressed for the weather and situation.  I saw no one I knew (apart from a friend in Tesco) and kept to myself. It is so sad – Lerwick was always a sociable place.

After filling time, I went to have my Covid injection (my 1st).  It was all superbly organised and, although I was anxious, they all did their utter best to make me feel ok about it.

And thank you NHS Shetland for being so wonderful.

So that was me today. In a way it was nice to have some time away from home but I struggled being away from home. I can’t win!

9 thoughts on “To Town for Jab

  1. darby callahan

    that is great you got your first vaccine. I have been having trouble finding a dose even though I am a supposed priority because of my age. Finally this morning I was able to find a local clinic where I could at least put my name on the list, as they have not received their supply yet. Most places would not even allow one to do that. Here’s to better days! And thank you for your kind words yesterday. Give the Minions hugs from me.

  2. Louise

    I am very glad that you’ve begun the shots. I had the 2nd one two weeks ago and it’s such a relief. Be generous to yourself if you feel a little ‘off’ tomorrow. It’s ok, it passes.

  3. Michelle

    I wish I could wiggle my nose to show up and do some shopping! Of course, I’d also need to wiggle my nose to fill my wallet; if I could do that, I could shop Lerwick online!

  4. Judith Garbutt

    Hopefully, if the vaccine rollout continues at the present rate, life might gradually get back to some degree of normal. I hope you don’t have any side effects from the vaccine.xx

  5. Nancy

    Congrats on shot #1! Waiting in the queue for my turn. Your chronicles are superb, and the “up close and personal” simply brilliant. 2 feet+ of snow here, so a delight to see roads and fields., cheers!

  6. Mary Domito

    Hey Frances,
    This is Mary, you met me and my 2 sisters, Claudia and Susan in June of 2019.
    I hope you remember us. I’m so damn smitten with Shetland, if things are COVID safe this summer, I’m thinking of coming back to Shetland by myself.
    I can use the personal sabbatical. I was thinking if I came back that I might come beginning of August for 3 weeks or so. I was thinking of staying in Lerwick for 1 week or so and then perhaps staying another 2 weeks near you and help you with the animals. Crazy, right? If you would be the least bit open to this idea, please let me know. No promises, probably won’t happen…but you never know if things seem much safer by then. I adore your daily emails. You have no idea the joy it brings to my life. I’d love to appreciate just 1 tenth of the love and work you put into your animals… all best, Mary


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