Charm School

They were all waiting for us.  Almost all in their right places too.

Floss and I took on a group each.  Floss was overseeing Fivla eating her daily bucket.

While I was overseeing these three – Lilja, Sóley and Vitamin.

The others hopped up and down trying to get our attention and maybe a stray bucket.

I scattered some carrots to disperse the croud for a very short period but they quickly returned.

Once Lilja and Sóley had finished, I gave their buckets to two willing washer-uperers – Newt and Storm.

Vitamin took her time and I must say everyone was very good and didn’t try to get her bucket off her.  Possibly because I was standing there making death threats.

Same with Fivla who is possibly the World’s Slowest Eater ever, in the whole world, possibly universe.

However, Storm did try his very best. He has been to Charm School.

2 thoughts on “Charm School

  1. Sam

    Fivla ia a dainty lady who does not inhale her food, she savors it. As for the “helpers” on bucket duty, they be moochers. Cute but mooching. Storm seems to have read parts of Newt’s Book Of Revenge with the cuff nibbles.

  2. nuri

    I hope you are well and have not experienced any serious side effects from the “jab”?
    Cute video of Storm’s (irresistible) charm offensive! I wish you a bit of drier weather + sun.


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