Just Meh

A windy day today and I’m not going to lie, I think everyone is fed up now.

Everything feels like hard work.  Even the regular stuff.

I worry about everyone and the situation we are in.

Having old animals around is heart-breaking.

And there really is no answer but to ride it out.

I tell myself, and everyone else, that it is the time of year, things will be better when Spring arrives, everyone feels like this….. yada yada.

And I am beginning to bore myself…..

… as well as everyone else around me.

But then I tell myself I have Haakon and I have BeAnne – both of whom I never thought would make it this far, considering, so I should count myself more than lucky. I have my world still with me.  It is truly wonderful and a ruddy miracle.

I think I just feel meh because I haven’t ridden for ages.  That will be it.

Anyway, sorry for the whinge. It’s always good to talk and writing it down has helped.

9 thoughts on “Just Meh

  1. Sam

    Personally I feel that the 3rd week of February should be cancelled. Know the MEH feeling…
    Having 3 seasons in New England today – sleet over night, heavy rain this am then sun then artic temps once the sun sets…Little Miss Maine Coon at 13 is also cranky.

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    my thoughts and prayers are with you. We in the states are suffering a polar vortex, some states have not see such cold weather in 100 yrs. There are power outages. Tornados form as cold air hits warm gulf air !!
    We are lucky that we just have only 8 inches of snow on the ground, but more is coming. The roads are icey
    and there have been fender benders where folks are out driving. 16 degrees, the bloody wind makes it -12 with wind chill!!. We are keeping warm liquid water for ducks, little birds, cranes, and feral barn critters. Also putting out food , duck food pellets, wild bird seed grain, and food in the barn. Also dog houses for critters to hunker down in out of the wind. We don’t have large livestock anymore, but remember when we lived in the mts. and had 6 horses, and 36 ” of snow. !! We were younger then 😉
    Take care, stay safe, looking forward to Spring (it can’t come soon enough)

  3. Judith Garbutt

    It’s been a long, hard, depressing winter for so many people – a combination of relentless bad weather and various lockdowns. You’d be inhuman if you didn’t feel the need for a grumble every now and again. The days are getting longer….. Cyber hugs!

  4. darby callahan

    I know how you feel. this has been a bad winter here. what a relief today that it had warmed up so no ice to deal with. last year just after the lockdown I lost my 31 year old pony mare. She has been declining for the past year and the previous Winter had not been all that bad but her age finally caught up with her. I broke lockdown rules to be with her in the end. I board at a barn some distance away, so cannot see my horse more than a few times a week. I still have not really gone back to riding. I am in my not young and wonder if I ever will. thinking of you and hope the worst is over.

    1. Frances Post author

      I am so sorry about your mare. If you were nearer here, I would let you ride our horses and hug the Minions xx

  5. Sherry Walter

    February has got to be the longest short month ever. I want to throw everything out and start over. Happens every year. My mares are 21 and 22, one of my goats is 11 or 12, I know how you feel.

  6. diane in northern wis

    it’s that time of the year when Spring just can’t come soon enough for any of us. Thanks for all you do to keep everybody smiling…especially those beautiful horses, young and oldies. What a gift to have your old special friends still around. You’re doing good!

  7. May

    Have a older cat with health issues. She’s taken to yowling loudly at ungodly hours of the morning. I keep telling myself to be grateful, as it proves her lungs are clear. Then bury my head under the pillow…

    Spring will get here, bringing light, warmth, and vaccines. Hold on.


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