A Little Potter

We had a bit of a scare on Sunday evening with the vet on stand-by on Monday. But Her Maj rallied and I hope we are back on the rails again (I am praying hard).

Feeling slightly happier, and weather permitting, I now take BeAnne for a daily little potter up into the hill.

If she is enthusiastic, we go up to the top. It’s not far.

And if not, we swiftly turn around and go home…..

…. never mentioning a dog-walk again.

When BeAnne enjoys her walk, she really enjoys it.

(ignore the banshee yell!) This is all I want for BeAnne – for her to be happy and smiley.

And this is typical Patterdale terrier behaviour – to be ignored totally and then walk off in the other direction!

The last bit of colour in the hill.

We are always watched.

And this fat lump ain’t movin’!

My intrepid wee bear.

4 thoughts on “A Little Potter

  1. Sam

    Rally on, BeAnne! Mum needs lots more wanders around the hills with you. As for Monster, clearly he found a new heat source and needs the entire lap in which to snooze. Little Miss Maine Coon applauds his efforts as she thwarted my efforts to sew on Sunday with many nap attacks on my lap.

  2. Linda

    I can’t think of a better breed to “tough it out” than a terrier – and BeAnn is proving that!

    As to the walks; I always think of walks with our dog as “her walks” – within reason & safety, we go where she wants to go…

  3. diane in northern wis

    Loving your fat lump ….. and your wee bear. Love the videos too. Always great pictures from you, Frances.


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