Mum’s Flowers

The most beautiful purple poppy (I will ask for some seeds) has just come out this morning.  Totally wow!  I am bewitched by it.  I have never seen one that colour.

I am enjoying taking photos of the roses.  At every stage of their brief blooming, they are beautiful.  The colour, the shape.




“Eden Rose”


“Felicite Et Perpetual”


A very fast bumblebee hard at work.

And the mighty brick tower – well, I walked around it and tried to work out how it was made.  Mum and I think there are three bricks on each layer and she remembers some cement being used too, possibly on the middle edges of the bricks, where you can’t see.

I hope that makes sense.  Lay three bricks with the inside corners touching and then place the next layer exactly opposite and keep going up, up, ever upwards.

Little Tedworth followed me around too.  A dear little companion.

7 thoughts on “Mum’s Flowers

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Wow that poppy is gorgeous! The owner should research – seeds cd be very valuable to seed companies- rare colour.

    I love photos of flowers and all yours are beauties.


  2. diane in northern wis

    Hope you’re feeling better today Frances! And that that nasty tick is totally gone!
    Wow …..your pictures of your mom’s flowers are real EYE CANDY!!! I can’t get over the colors and beauty of your pics. Outstanding.

  3. Sam

    Hope they got all of the tick out. As for the roses, I can smell them here in Southern New England…after spending 2 hrs yesterday deheading all of mine…


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