Thoughts and Prayers for BeAnne

Well the vet phoned last night with BeAnne’s blood results.  Blood was taken yesterday to measure her liver and kidney function.

Her liver enzymes were high which has sent our heads spinning with worry.

I immediately booked Her Maj in for a liver ultrasound tomorrow.

This photo is from just now. She has just had a reluctant supper (fed by hand).

I am just praying that her liver enzymes are up because of the teeth – apparently it can happen (Daisy googled it) and not anything else.  So please keep everything crossed, pray to any listening deity and keep us in your thoughts tomorrow.  I am dreading this and can’t think (or write) straight.

30 thoughts on “Thoughts and Prayers for BeAnne

  1. Kerry

    Oh poor Be’Anne and poor you. Rotten teeth do have a disproportionate effect on health so here’s hoping some dental work will sort thungs out. Thinking of you all and sending lots of prayers to the Canine Deity. Paws crossed for tomorrow
    Lots of love

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    BeAnne the rest of your family, feathered, furred, feline and equine etc. are are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Cee Pluse

    I have a dog the same age as Beanne who also has high liver values. Over the past few months she has had a liver ultrasound which showed an inflamed liver (and spleen) but no cancer. She does not have Cushing’s syndrome and her thyroid function is also normal (both can raise liver values). When her blood sample was spun down it was found that she has high blood serum lipids (hyperlipidemia). The lipid level was so high that the serum sample was actually opaque rather than clear, but the cause is unknown. Additional bloodwork revealed an unusually high cholesterol level (I can’t remember the units, but her number was over 400 and normal for this test is below 100).

    My girl is now on a low-fat prescription diet (Royal Canin low fat GI diet, both canned and dry) which has lowered her serum lipid level and reduced the liver and spleen inflammation. She has much more energy now as well. We tried to put her back on half regular senior food and half prescription diet but her lipid values went back up again so she will stay on the prescription diet alone for the rest of her life. I will have to monitor her weight carefully because this diet can cause too much weight loss, but that is a small price to pay. Her appetite has always been good (too good in fact) but her teeth are in good shape (cleaned about a year ago) so that may make a difference. I hope Beanne can still have the dental work done and that a change in diet is all she needs to improve her condition as well. Good luck, good wishes, and prayers to you and Beanne.

  4. Cathy

    How lovely to see her puppy photos.

    Praying you get better news for your beautiful girl, and thinking of you all.

  5. Sandy De Master

    On no! Nor our beloved BeAnne! I am so hoping it is a minor problem that can be alleviated with drugs. Sending love and hugs your way…

  6. diane in northern wis

    It’s so hard when you have a sick pet. My prayers are going up for BeAnne. May she feel much better soon.
    And may you be at peace.

  7. Emma Morton

    My 12yo spaniel has liver problems too. We’ve had ultrasounds and a bisopsy but nothing shows as a cause. She’s been this way for a few years now, her normal is around 500, instead of under 100. At one point she was off the scale completely but recovered with antibiotics.

    She takes denamarin tablets and we found splitting her food into 3 smaller meals a day helps her. We’re not on vet food but use a mix of barking head fat dog slim and wainwrights meat trays after some experiments.

    Hope the teeth cleaning helps and your vets can get her back on the right track

  8. John Davies

    Good wishes for BeAnne; we do so love our animals! My cousin had an issue with her older cat over the weekend where she went into a fit of anger towards all of us when another cat came to the back door and stirred her up. We ended up going over to her townhouse and helped her scoop the cat up into a blanket and put her into her carrier crate for the night! Many scratches and tears for her!

  9. Shelley

    Everything crossed Frances! Such a good reply from Cee Pluse though. You’ve lots of great followers!


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