To the Vet

Storm Jorge is just finishing up.  There are no words.  There are also no more dry waterproofs in this house.  They just hang and drip.

All the fields are flooded and the horses have been inside all day. We will let them out later on this evening.  I put the old men in the indoor school so they could move about more.

Anywho, to the vet I went (while OH and Floss heroically fed those that live outwith the homestead) with BeAnne.

We saw a new vet who was very kind, helpful and concerned while BeAnne did her best poor-me urchin impression until I had to admit that Her Maj was perhaps milking it and perhaps even over-playing her misery.

Anyway, blood was taken (test liver and kidney function) and a little “sheep” bandage was put on to ebb the flow of the depression.

Once home, BeAnne had her Thundershirt put on as she was in such a state. She is not a good traveller any more.

The verdict so far is it is probably teeth.  She had a few rotten ones and possibly infected too.  On the good side, BeAnne’s heart is strong so she could stand an anaesthetic to remove the bad ones.  We will see what the blood test comes back with first.

Meanwhile, Monster has taken up residence in, what is lovingly known in this house, as The Fortress of Solitude.

His cat flu has returned and he is feeling very rough.  Sneezing and sneezing.  Poor lad.  He is very quiet.

While I was in the surgery with BeAnne, I talked to the vet about his recurrent flu and we both agreed that there was not much we could do. I am increasing Monster’s own immunity with proper home-made meals and a tube of Gim-Cat “Immun-Booster Complex” which says it “strengthens the immune system and the body’s own defence mechanism”.  He likes eating it, which helps.

My animals are very hard work these days.  Off to let out the chaps now into the flooded fields. Yay!

12 thoughts on “To the Vet

  1. Linda Loba

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen BeAnn looking so wretched – I’m relieved to hear you found and fixed the problem (who wouldn’t be down in the dumps with painful teeth?) The rain probably doesn’t help either; our dog gets absolutely morose when it’s raining.

    I’m with Monster – I love that Fortress of Solitude he’s found. Hope he gets over his flu soon…and that Jorge goes away and stays away!

    1. Frances Post author

      They are doing much better – ate a huge supper (beef chunks in blender with potato and green beans) – nothing much left. BeAnne managed to choke it down if I sat with her and she ate it off the spoon!

  2. Elva

    My cat, Hoot, has had something that sounds very much like Monster’s flu. Hoot has these bouts of sneezing fits, and for a while was not interested in her food. Then she seemed to get better, and then the sneezing part came back. My other cats are fine, and they are indoor cats, as I worry about coyotes around my farm. A mystery! Anyway, my best wishes continue for BeAnne AND Monster!

  3. Judith Garbutt

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for BeAnne and for Monster, too. I hope you’ve seen the back of this latest storm and that you have a dry spell. It’s miserable dealing with the animals in this weather – I hope all the sheepies are coping?

  4. Margaret Robinson

    I’d say take a few days off, but know you’ll never do that. Just take care of yourself too. What happens with are animals is more up to them than it is to us, but you’ve done all the right things that you could (per usual).

    We’ve some sunshine (which I’ll try and guide your way), but it’s cold and breezy (moving into characteristic March weather on the California coast.

    You all just take care of yourselves!

  5. Jane Fuhrmann

    Our love to you all with healing wishes. Hope this darn weather settles soon. It’s miserable being miserable when the weather is miserable too. Xxx

  6. diane in northern wis

    Oh dear, I feel so sorry for you trying to help all your critters. They are lucky to have you there, caring so much about each and every one of them! Poor BeAnne, possibly having to get teeth removed…yuck. Poor Monster sick again. Icky flooded fields. Praying everybody and everything straightens out right soon. Keep your wits about you Frances, things will get better!


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