Thordale Ponies stick together

It is odd, but Thordale ponies know other Thordale ponies.


The minute I put Storm, Tiddles and Hjalti into the field with 20+ other Bergli Stud ponies, they immediately made friends with Lyra, Vitamin’s daughter, having never met her before.


Last week, due to various crappery, I decided to move Storm, Tiddles and Hjalti into a different field.


As the boys spent most of their days gazing at those they had left behind, I moved Lyra and Delia in with them.  So five Thordale ponies together.


That was the right decision.  Everyone was suddenly very happy and very settled.  As if it was meant to be.


Delia was pleased to see her two Minions plus Hjalti – she had spent the winter with them and, I hadn’t realised before, but she had formed a relationship with them too.


Hjalti’s weaning has been very easy.  He considers these friends a good substitute for his mother, Hetja, and is very settled .  Just what I wanted.


I think we can now say that he is officially weaned, doing well and growing upwards every day.


I realise this is a very anthropomorphic take on life, but I am pleased to see Delia looking so healthy and cheerful.  She is looking good for an old lady.  I love the cheeky glint in her eye and everyday I feed her a huge red apple – the rest get a carrot.


They are a content bunch.   Lyra has decided she is boss …..


And everyone else isn’t!


I look forward to visiting them – they are always very happy to see their carrots and Delia loves her apple.  I just check their nose-kissey buttons are fully functional.

3 thoughts on “Thordale Ponies stick together

  1. Linda K

    Delia does have a contended look about her, I think she’s beautiful. Nothing wrong with a bit of anthropomorphism, if it means making sure your horses are happy.

  2. Sam

    Well, well mannered equines know others are not so well schooled by Mum. Lovely to see Delia happy and eating!


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